{Designer Spotlight - Kennedy & Friends Co.}

Oh my these tutu's are so fun!   I received an exciting package of goodies a while ago from my  friend Nathalie, amazing tutu designer and shop owner of Kennedy and Friends Co. , with these beautiful  tutus!   I love them both!  Of course my daughter was tickled when she saw them - her eyes got big and she said in a slow whisper  'Oh they're beautiful mommy'.  Then she carefully picked one up and then the other and put on not just one, but two tutu's and began dancing around the house. Then she ran upstairs and grabbed the other tutu's Nathalie designed  and put all of them on.  She was covered from head to toe in colorful tulle.  She even put one on her head and started 'dancing like a princess'.  When she saw I noticed her she started to giggle and said, 'How do you like me mommy?'.    

I processed these in a faded age washed look - actual tutu colors can be found at Kennedy and Friends Co.Check out her store site for more styles.

Below Brielle was coming up with her own poses - I thought it was funny yet cute since it was her trying to be very posey posed.  She even laughed as you can see below.