{it happened...}

Tyler lost his first tooth today.  I can't believe my little boy is growing up. 

As I pulled into the school parking lot I saw Tyler talking to Briella and I noticed something was different.  I gasped knowing what had happened.  I waved excitedly to him and mouthed the word tooth while pointing to my teeth, eager to have him jump in the car and show me his missing tooth.  When I was finally within talking distance, I whispered excitedly 'Oh my goodness look at you!'  He was anxious to tell me.  He said 'I lost my tooth mom'.  I smiled and said 'I know, I can't believe it'.  And he corrected me and said 'No I really lost my tooth.'  He told me it happened at lunch.  He was eating and he asked his friend Bobby if his tooth was gone and Bobby said yes.  Tyler looked all around where he was sitting, in his apple, everywhere and he couldn't find his missing tooth.  His teacher is fabulous and said that she's pretty sure the tooth fairy will take a note instead of a tooth since he couldn't find it.  So guess what he did right when he got home?   You got it - he wrote a note to the tooth fairy all on his own - as you can see he tried to spell everything himself.  Wow, my little boy is turning into a little man and there is nothing I can do to slow things down.  He is so proud of his toothless smile and shows me every few minutes - as if I've forgotten.  No way... before we were even out of the parking lot at school I gave him my cell phone to call both sets of Grandparents - I knew he'd want to be the one to share the exciting news.  Briella wanted to share the news with Grandma too - she said into the phone in her little voice 'My friend Tyler, has a loose tooth.  I mean a lost tooth.'  I love how she refers to her brother as her  friend.  Daddy won't be home until Friday but I was able to talk to him briefly and tell him about Tyler.  He requested a picture - so I'm blogging it in hopes that he can see it tonight.  Excuse the poor quality of the image - we were inside in low low light on this dark and rainy day so I maxed my ISO.  Thanks for taking the time to read through this post.  It's such an emotional milestone for me - I'm sure those of you who are parents can relate . ;-)