{Halloween Snipet}

I wanted to post these sooner but you know how it goes this time of the year for me...  Anyway, here's a couple of pictures from Halloween in the early evening at the club.  I only had my camera out for a brief moment and then it was time for me to put it aside and enjoy Halloween with my kiddos.  They had a blast with their friends on the hayride that followed.  Brielle was so tired she leaned on me and Mrs. Tonya during they hayride trying to keep her eyes open.  She's a trooper (or just stubborn) and refused to go home before everyone else.  Tyler was full of excitement and energy - he probably could've stayed up all night.  Oh and in case you're wondering Tyler was Optimus Prime {a transformer} and Brielle was a ladybug.  I only got a few photos of the kids at the club before things got busy but here's some of them.


Above:  Hayden playing the bean bag toss.  Love his expression. 

Below:  The pumpkin and gourd sling-shot!