{He knew...}

What I was up to...yep, this little cutie knew what I was doing.  I photographed cutie-patootie Hayes and his beautiful big sister Haley this past week.  And little Hayes is a very smart boy - he knew that someone with a big black box in front of her eye was following him so he moved quickly.  He reminded me of my son, whenever I got my camera out when Tyler was really young he'd run and move away as fast as he could.  So funny!  But we had fun and ran all over the place.  As you can see this little guy is on the move with things to do and things to see.  And his sister Haley {isn't she gorgeous!} was so helpful and attentive with him.  She was a fabulous model too! Oh and it was so cold!  Hence the winter hats on Hayes.  Neither of them complained even when they were shivering {sorry about that}.  Such good sports.  Here's a peek into our session. 

Oh and for those of you waiting on your galleries, I will be posting a bunch in the next couple of days - be on the look-out, check your e-mails for instructions.  Thanks for your patience during this busy time.