{Classic Beauty}

I feel so lucky to have this job!  My clients are so amazing and I have a blast during each and every session.  Some sessions make me laugh, some make me think and some turn me into a kid again (okay they all turn me into a kid again).   I love it!  And this past week photographing Amelia confirmed these feelings.  She was an amazing little subject to photograph -she was willing to wear anything I suggested and had fun doing it... a photographers dream.  Anyway, she really got into the session and even wanted to see how some of the shots turned out - I happily showed her and each time she smiled with approval.  So cute - I loved it.  I enjoyed every minute of this session with Amelia.  This little girl had a classic, elegant features that again called for a vintage look in some of her images.   So like Carter's session, I couldn't decide on one processing for all of Amelia's session images, so I went with several processing techniques - all home-brews. :) 

Below - 'vintage fade'

'Slight vintage B&W'

Another 'vintage fade'

Same image in 'Kara Colour'

'Slight Vintage' with a hand done border and overlay. I love this image - Amelia did the posing herself, she just did it so I took her picture.  What a cutie!  I loved her energy. :)

'Very Vintage' below with a touch of 'fade'.

'Kara Colour' below and in the last image.

'Slight Vintage' below