{Vintage Childhood}

This past week I photographed a little girl named Carter.   Even after the long car ride from North Carolina she was sweet natured and happy as ever.  She was so fun to talk to, her vocabulary was impressive and beyond her years.  I was amazed with her chattiness, fun spirit and soulful expressions.   Her beautiful curls, red heart shaped lips, and creamy skin were so classic that it screamed for a little vintage processing.  I actually thought her images fit so many different processing styles - Kara Colour, Very Vintage, Faded Yesterday, and the list goes on.  I couldn't decided so I did a variety of processing techniques, seen below all my own little home-brewed actions.  Here's just a little peek at our session.  Thanks for stopping by :) 

'Kara Colour' above, and 'Vintage Mocha' below.

Faded Yesterday - below...

This is one of Carters expressions - I call it the 'Oh No' face - so cute!  I couldn't resist showing it.  Her eyes and lips are amazing.  Note:  I didn't touch her lips when it came to editing - they are naturally a perfect pink/red shade.  Her mom said they used to be even more vibrant - lucky girl.  And her eyes are a gorgeous blue/green shade.  You can see the flecks of green in them in my close-ups. 

'Faded Yesterday with a touch of auburn' below.

'Very vintage' above and 'very vintage with a hand done border and overlay' below.

'Worn Vintage' below.

Side Note:  I've received a lot of e-mails asking if I am selling my actions, mentoring or offering workshops.  At this time I'm not able to do any of these. :(  I hope to mentor (if time allows) next year.   And I have a list of those interested already.  At this time, I'm not selling my actions.  In 2009 I may offer borders, card templates and select actions, but that too depends on finding time to dedicate to this.  Thanks so much for your inquires - I really appreciate them and I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to so many of you about this.  As you know, this is a crazy time of the year and just finding time for sleep is a bonus right now.  You guys are the best!! Thanks again!!!