{'Is this what it's like to be a fairy, mommy?'} Commercial Shoot

What does a little girl with pretty burlap angel wings and a wishing jar do?  She flies, she dreams, she wishes and she plays.

'Is this what it's like to be a fairy, mommy?' Brielle gasped when I finished tying on her wings.

I was excited to see what Tabitha, owner of TFJ Designs, sent me to photograph for her store.  Aren't these wings adorable!?  And they're so sturdy too, which is ideal for my busy girl.  After the session, Brielle and the neighbor girls did a play where they used the Angel wings for Tinker bell.  So all weekend these wings have been tied to Brielle's back.  I love it!   She even went to Home Depot with a green petticoat, fairy wings and her hair in a bun.   She insists on having her hair in a bun everyday now.  Can't I please freeze her?  This is childhood and I don't want my little girl to grow up.

Beautiful fairy wings:  TFJ Designs

Wishing Jar:  TFJ Designs

Antique 1950's dress:  local antique store

Hair accessory:  Hobby Lobby