{What_____looks like} Arts & Crafts

Here I am again on the 2nd month of  'What____looks like'.  And this month it's 'Arts & Crafts'.  My kids (primarily Brielle) can't live without a coloring tool in her hand.   I find all of her art related stuff scattered all over the house.  Under the couch, in between the cushions, on her night stand, under the table, on the floor and even in the bathroom.  It's crazy but I love it!  The only time I didn't love it was when I found a marker without a cap on laying on our white carpet.  That wasn't so cute so we've had some talks about markers and capping them (and keeping them off the carpet).  Anyway, this is what arts & crafts look like (really arts...it should be) in our house.  Click on to  Jules Trandem | San Diego Family Lifestyle Photographer to see what she posted this month!

They must be photographers kids...when they saw me standing over them they both rolled over and did this.  So I went with it.  They crack me up.  Ty even said... my pencils need to be 'on me'. LOL  Okay, they'll get used to the life-style photos sooner or later...just not for some of these. ;-)