{Project 26 - '1,000 Words'}

So we've all heard the saying 'a picture is worth a 1,000 words'.  And it's so true.  It may be cliche but it has deep meaning in many cases.  There were so many pictures I wanted to pull from prior weeks but I tried hard to use pictures from this week.  This week the kids and I built a fun 'living room' fort.  All I had that was light weight was 'white' and we grabbed several pillows to make it comfy and it turned out a quite girly unintentionally.  We have a 'feminine' look throughout much of our house when it comes to accessories so this is about as neutral as it gets lol.  But Ty was a great sport grabbing grey pillows from the couch and mustard pillows from the play room.  It was cozy at least. For homework each day I like the kids to read in a quiet spot, so Ty and Brielle ran to the fort to read.  Ty has read the Harry Potter series but Brielle hasn't so he started reading them to her.  Anyway, I thought this moment was fitting for this week's theme.  Reading in a magical fort - how much fun is that?!   All in all we had a blast building this and the kids haven't  wanted to take it down.  Brielle wants to sleep in it this weekend - the ground is super hard so I don't know how long she'd last.  But a family slumber party for a few hours in the front room could be fun.  I wish we could leave this up permanently too.  I'm sure we'll build more fun forts. My kids can't get enough of them!

Oh and guess where I found Brielle this morning when I went to wake her up for school?  She loves it.

After scrolling through this post click here to continue the circle. Jessica Drossin is full of creativity and I'm sure she'll have some amazing eye candy for us.  :)