{Project 26 - 'It's time to reflect'}

This project theme came at a really good but busy time.  Three days ago my baby girl turned 7.  There was a lot of reflecting on the day she was born as well as fond memories of her being super little.  We had an amazing day celebrating Brielle.  Now that she's 7 she wants her ears pierced.  So this weekend guess what we'll be doing?  Yes, she's growing up.   Below are some pics of little B when she was super little.  I love Brielle and Tyler's interaction and closeness... I hope they're always this close.  Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet little Brielle.  I love you!

And taken yesterday at our spontaneous day trip to Sedona.  I snuck this shot in of Ty and B catching fish with their hands.

The other girls in the circle will have their posts up soon (its summer time - very busy) so check back again for their links :)