Tag! I'm it!!

There is a silly game going around the internet world of photographers called "Tag". If you are tagged, then you tell 8 things about yourself that not many people know about. A friend, Rebekah, from Nashville TN, tagged me yesterday! And I know if I don't respond now, I'll completely get side-tracked and forget :)

So here are eight things you didn't know about me :)

1. I'm double jointed in my wrists and my hips. I know, very strange. It's fun to see eyes pop out when people see the wacky things I can do with my wrists {wink}...
2. Before having children, I was an auditor with Deloitte & Touchรฉ for several years and then I worked for Microsoft in Executive, SEC & Financial Statement Reporting. I know, wild that I'm now a photographer (something more creative)- way on the other side of the spectrum. But honestly numbers just aren't for me... I like using the left side of my brain and being on the artsy side of things. But I learned a lot and have something to fall back on if I need to ;-)
3. I'm a neat freak (except for my closets - they are completely disorganized)! I can't go to bed until the house is clean and the counters are cleared. But I'm getting better about letting things go - my kids are teaching me that one {grin}.
4. I don't like public speaking. In fact, I'm terrified of public speaking and even considered taking 'Toast Masters' to overcome my fear. I dropped out of the one required public speaking class in college 3 times before I finally stuck it through the last semester of my senior year. My palms are starting to sweat just thinking about it.
5. I love to sleep - when my kids take naps, so do I (except for right now, I have way too much to do so I'm drinking caffeine to avoid from dozing off). Pathetic, I know. I've just always loved naps and loved to sleep - even though I'm somewhat of a night owl.
6. I love to write! I love technical writing - which I did a lot of at D&T and MS before the kiddos were born. There's something about organizing thoughts and processes on paper...such a nerd.
7. Going to the gym is my stress reliever...that and cleaning.
8. And finally, this is a biggie... I still sleep with my baby blanket {gasp...}. Yep, it's true. It's the ugliest thing ever, but I love it! I don't take it out of town with me... it never leaves my bedroom. I'm thankful my husband is so willing to put up with my need to keep it close to me each night. My kids are very into sleeping with a special blanket each night too. If it's in the wash and they can't have it when they need it, tears begin to flow. I wonder if I passed this on genetically ;-) ?

There you go, 8 things about Kara you didn't want to know but now you know. Now I am tagging the following 2 photographers: