We're finally starting to get healthy again in our house! I'm so relieved the kids are getting over their colds and I'm sure they are too!! It's been a lengthy one too...poor kiddos. Now Tyler has gotten into the habit of coming down to our room at about 1am and quietly tapping me on the shoulder asking if he can sleep with us. I open the covers and let him stay for just a few minutes... okay more like 30 minutes, but that's it - I have a hard time sleeping when he's in bed with me fearing I'm going to nudge him off our tall bed. Then I walk him (and sometimes carry him if he's really feeling rotten) to his room and I lie with him for a while until I know he's asleep. It's so cute, he loves having his back rubbed before bed. I wake him up in the morning by rubbing his back too... I think it soothes him. Anyway, if he's awake and hears me getting ready to leave after taking him back to his room, he'll whisper, "Can you rub my back for 'one' minute before you go". And of course I do...
Gosh, I hate that I haven't made a post in so long! I've been a busy mom, photographer, wife, and nurse (to my kidlets) ;-)
Today, my daughter woke up from her nap asking to wear something 'so pretty'. I showed her the closet full of tutu's (pink, red, white, more red, more white...) and she saw the pink petticoat and assured me that was the one she wanted to wear.
She was playing with her little pink elephant on the bottom step of the stairs in our house when I took these pics. Gasp... she actually looked at me and smiled even with a camera in my hand (she usually waits until the camera is out of sight). I was amazed - maybe she's starting to like my camera... We played for a while on the step, she fed me pretend apples, and showed me her pretend animals. When it was time to take off her petti and get her brother from school, the tears began. Hence the picture below... the one of her standing by the stairs is when she was trying to get away to avoid taking off her petti. The other one, melts me with her big teary filled eyes.
I'll post more pics soon from sessions and of big brother.