{Vintage Crown}

I posted this image along with a few others on Facebook and have had many, many e-mails asking me where I got the crown Brielle is holding {above} and wearing {below}.  I feel so lucky to be able to photograph this beautiful vintage crown for  TFJ Designs.    Brielle loves it and keeps it next to her on her nightstand.  When she first saw it she squealed then covered her mouth and finally said in a whisper, 'Is this a 'real' crown?'  Do I get to wear it?  We stood in the dinning room looking in the mirror as she tried it on.  I wish I had my camera then...it was priceless seeing her expression.  She didn't want to take it off, so I secured it to her head with bobbypins.  And during the session, she had so many ideas - so we went with them...she danced with lace, caught ladybugs and she wanted me to get a ladybug to put on the crown so I could take a picture of the ladybug with the crown (that one didn't work out since all the ladybugs flew off the crown and back onto her dress or on her arms).  After the session she kept the crown on until bedtime.  I love that she's sooo in love with this crown.  You can find it at TFJ Designs and the price....amazing for such a pretty vintage styled crown.  Thank you so much again Tabitha, you have such an eye for pretty things.... I love all the goodies you sell in your store!!