{childhood friend}

I was so excited when I reconnected with one of my best childhood friends, Noelle, on Facebook.  We met in the 3rd grade and then I moved away after 6th grade.  Her twin sister, Holly, and I tried to keep in touch (since we were all friends) after I moved but I have to admit - I wasn't the best at keeping in touch via snail mail.  Years passed but the memories and time spent together never withered.  We did so much together:  took many trips to their parent's log cabin in the Mountains, stayed up all night giggling, eating junk food and crank calling random people out of the phone book (bad kids, I know) at the many sleep-overs we had, hot summer days swimming at the local pool, 4th of July's spent on the waterfront, and the list of memories continues.   So when we reconnected on Facebook all the memories came rushing back - I was in touch with one of my favorite childhood friends!!  Noelle lives in California now near Napa - a place we need to visit soon :)  She mentioned a while ago wanting to come out to have me photograph her beautiful girls but I didn't know how serious she was.  Then she did it!  She and her husband booked a stay in Scottsdale on a weekend I had an opening!  I was thrilled!!  I got to meet her beautiful girls!!  And I got to play with them and have her family over for dinner after our session!! Our kids got along as if they'd known each other forever - it was perfect!!  We didn't want the night to end.  So we agreed that we needed to make trips to see each other more.  And we will :)  Here's a peek my our session with Noelle and Michael's beautiful girls!