{FaithWorks4U – vintage style with a modern twist}

Tonight as Jeff and I were painting our bed {yes, I'm finally doing it!!  wood color to black! yay!}  we were talking about life and our reason for being here.  I know pretty deep for a night of painting.  But it had me thinking...what is my reason for being here, on this earth?  And what is it that I'm destined to do?  I was at a loss.  There's part of me that thinks I'm here to do something related to adoption {since I was adopted}.  I don't know what though.  Then I thought, is it something that I'm doing...being a mom?  The pictures below make me wonder if that's why I'm here.  I love watching my kids grow, to see them learn, to see them soaking up life.  It's such an amazing and surreal gift.  Someone I've created is living a life, laughing, crying, and growing into someone whose destiny is still unknown.   I don't know, but it has me thinking, wondering and questioning why we're here.  Why I'm here.   I know I'm going to drive myself crazy thinking about it.  I just hope I accomplish what I was put on this earth to do before my time ends.  Have you ever thought about why you're here?  It's wild to think about it but we all have a reason for being here.

Okay, on to something lighter and more fun :)  I have to say....I'm in love with this little retro outfit made by the talented FaithWorks4U.  I think it speaks for itself.  This night of photographing is one I'll never forget, it was the start of Brielle's adoration of the Hula Hoop.  Hopefully the images show the fun we had during this shoot.  Thank you Faith for sharing your beautiful talents with me - I can't say enough about your retro fun designs. The dress Briella is wearing is appropriately named the '1970's Style Retro Hula Hoop' dress.