{Curly Gurly Couture}

It's already February (wow, that came upon us fast!) and I'm excitedly getting ready for Valentine's Day.  Not for me but for my kids.  I've never totally understood the romantic aspect of it as an adult since I feel like everyday is and should be special with the one you love.   But for kids I think it's such a fun, happy holiday!  My ideas are brewing for crafts, gifts and decorations.  So hopefully in my next post I'll be able to share that with you :)

I'm so excited to share this next designer with you!!  Her name is Gina and she's also an amazing photographer out of St. Louis Missouri!  She's expanded her talent with the creation of Curly Gurly Couture, where you can find lots of her girly creations!  Her hair accessories are gorgeous {unique, well made and with a mix of textures}, she also makes the cutest vintage lace topped leggwarmers!  I fell in love when I got her package and became an immediate fan!  I love her style.  It's exactly the look I lean toward and love- her vision & creativity rocks!  Check out her store and her Facebook page where she features the latest accessories, specials and Curly Gurly Couture news.  She's currently out of the leg warmers shown below the last one was just sold but she has many more of styles, colors and designs to choose from in her shop.  :)