The weather changed yesterday.  We went from 80 degrees, clear and sunny - BBQed, swam and spent this weekend outdoors.  Then yesterday, the it all changed and I welcomed it.  It was cold, rainy and so cozy inside.   I had my fireplace going and of course when the kids got home we splurged (as we always do when it rains) and had hot chocolate and marshmallow {heart shaped ones}.  The kids were giddy, as was I.  I celebrate the rain.  I celebrate the cooler weather.  To me, it's not winter unless it's cold, raining & snowing: I embrace 4 seasons, I yearn for 4 seasons.  So this week is supposed to be a little bit cooler and I'm not complaining (except when my fingers are numb and I can't warm up...then I'll just hop in the bath tub to thaw out).

Speaking of changes in weather...Kait Emerson has the some cute designs out right now that are perfect for winter & for spring!  I'm so luck to have worked with the talented Feanna, owner of Kait Emerson Designs for the past few years.  She always has me giddy with excitement when I open her packages.  Look at what's in her stores right now.  Brielle begs to wear the polk-a-dotted number all the time.  I'm surprised it doesn't have holes in it from all the washing it's been through.  Check out what's new in her shop.  She also posts her latest designs, specials and other news on her Facebook page.