{Halloween Night 2010}

I can't believe it's already November!!  I'm not ready for Halloween to be over.  I struggled getting the Halloween bins out of the garage and filling them with all of our spooky, fun decorations.  The house felt clean though, I must admit.  Something about de-cobwebbing, dusting and putting away skeletons & grave stones, will make a house feel a little fresher ;o)  So Halloween night was great.  We were so happy to have Grandma & Grandpa join us {for the 2nd year in a row and we loved that they got all dressed up this year too!}  We wanted to start traditions here since we're all relatively new to the neighborhood.  So Jeff and I brought out the chiminea, roasting sticks, marshmallows,  camping chairs, and drinks and invited neighbors over throughout the evening to hang out and enjoy this fun celebration.  Next year maybe we'll incorporate a pot-luck dinner, just wish Halloween landed on a Saturday night!  Anyway, we had a great time.  The kids were very content...they had taken 100+ glow sticks and made a track in the street with them.  Then the scooters came out...hours of entertainment :) They didn't want the night to end.   Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!  Thanks for stopping by :)

Note:  The picture above was taken before school on Friday.  Brielle was in the Storybook Parade with her matching 'Ten Little Ladybugs' book and Tyler was showing sports spirit by dressing up for the Sports Assembly they had that day.  He also had a publishing party in class while Brielle had fun Fall centers full of activities of the season.  I loved being at school all day with both of them.   Moments I'll always cherish :)

{just playing with the light above...we were waiting for the rest of the trick or treaters to get back and enjoyed each others company - while roasting marshmallows of course.}