{Monster Mash Birthday Party for my boy who's turning 8}

My first born baby boy is growing up.  He's turning 8...yes, really!!  I remember the first day I held him and now I'm celebrating his 8th birthday, Halloween style.  His birthday is in early November but he's always wanted to have a Halloween costume birthday party.  So this was the year... We managed to get things together despite being sick and being gone second shooting a wedding a day the day prior.  I woke up early, the sun was shining and I began making the cupcakes, cleaning, adding more decorations, preparing games, wrapping the prizes, and getting the kids ready for the party that they were beyond excited about.  I was thankful to have some parent volunteers help me out at the party. {thanks Shellie & Matt} :)  Tyler had some school friends and neighborhood friends over and once the festivities began we were busy, busy, busy.  We started with crafts and began the games {freeze dance, mummy wrap & a pinata}.  The big hit....'Freeze Dance'!  The kids wanted to play again and again, so we did.  I have to say, the kids were really good at this game - Jeff was the music man and made sure to only play Halloween songs but included the 'StarWars Cantina' (same tune as Barry Manilow's Copacabana) - one of Tyler's favorite songs.  Ty had a blast with his friends and wants to do it again this weekend.  Um, we've had to break it to him that he's going to have to wait till next year to have another one.  :)