{newest member of our family...}


On Saturday, August 7th we introduced this adorable puppy to our home - to our lives.  The kids are beyond excited and are deeply in love with this little fur ball that we appropriately named 'August'.  His full name is 'August Saturday May' lol.  Silly I know, but the kids were the decision makers.  I'm actually in love with the name August and would've wanted it for a boy if we had more children.  So I'm glad the kids loved the name :) and were adamant about naming him August.   We found him from a lady in a neighboring city who breeds them.  He's 3/4 Shih Tzu and 1/4 Poodle - a Shih-Poo!!   We are all smitten over this newest addition and are re-learning the way to care for a puppy - crate training, potty training, teething, etc.  Thankfully he was newspaper potty trained when we got him (at 9 weeks old) but we don't have any newspaper in the house (we're a green news reading family with out iPhones & Macs lol) so we take him outside every few hours and reward him enthusiastically with a treat whenever he potty's :).  He's adjusting well to our house too yay!!  He gets more love than he needs from all of us but we can't help it.  Here's a few more pics of our little man. :)


Below, we had friends come for a BBQ from Anthem who were also our old neighbors in Seattle.  It was fun to see them and they too spoiled 'August' with love and attention.  :)


Below, Brielle always wanting to hold August.  She treats him like her baby - notice him proped in her baby doll stroller above.  He seemed to take it well. :)