{Another window to NuxieMade - Nuxie Made Couture!}


I'm excited about this designer spotlight since I've been working with Nux, owner of Nuxiemade for so long and she's been up to new and great things.  Remember she makes all the cute knit hats you've seen on here.  Well now she's making dresses and selling them on her virtual boutique at Nuxie Made Couture!  Yes, dresses!!   Some of them are bright and colorful and others look more vintage to me with pastels and a rounded apron front.  I hope she makes more and more dresses, tops, capris, ect. since she's got the talent and I love everything she creates.  Oh and I can't forget to mention this beret style knit hat - it's such an adorable style, I didn't want to take it off Brielle but it was 110 degrees so we popped it on quickly for these fall feeling pictures.  {yay, can't wait for fall & winter when she can actually where these hats}.    Anyway, here's a peak at what she's got going on in her store. :)