{Monster Truck Jam, Phoenix 2010}


I never thought I'd blog about Monster Trucks, but here I am :)  My husband works for Universal Technical Institute, a sponsor at the Monster Jam.   This was my first experience up close and personal with Monster Jam and the humungo trucks that compete - I was in awe.  I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did.  Before the show we went to the Pit Party and saw the trucks and drivers up close - it was crazy how big these trucks are and how little we were next to them.  The kids loved it and when we were told we could write on the cars that were going to be demolished, the kids were in heaven. {the kids in action above}.  I even got into it...it was freeing to be able to do something like this LOL.  I've banned sharpies from my house for fear the kids will think it's a Crayola marker and ruin our table, furniture and well, everything.  So the kids looked at me before writing on these cars and hesitantly asked 'Really?  We can draw, we write on these cars?'   I loved seeing their excitement. :)  After the Pit Party the show was ready to begin so we headed up to UTI's Party Suite!  Again, we were in awe - food, souvenirs, drinks and a great view of the trucks below.  It was a blast!!!

(below) I got to see the 'pretty' mechanical parts of these trucks - they were really colorful and complex.


UTI's Party Suite below :)


The first competitor in the Freestyle Competition was a woman driver.  She and her truck 'Outlaw' were tough!   She was a driver with no fear!  At the end of her portion of the competition her wheel broke off.  Her gutsy driving put her in high ranking but in the end she ended up tying for second place.


Monster Mutt below.


El Toro Loco.


GraveDigger - Our Favorite!