{Designer Spotlight: ZozoBugBaby & NuxieMade}


Doesn't this dress make you long for Spring?!  In this newest design by Julie of 'Zozobug Baby' and 'ZoGirl!' the soft pinks, and sunny yellow go so perfectly for this style of dress.  The apron portion of this fabric is imported from Hollond so the this "Cotton-Candy Dress"  is a limited edition piece.  I love the flirty style with the mini-ruffle and the matching rosette at the top, coupled with the funky/fun apron front and the the halter back.  I was so giddy when I saw this dress and so was Brielle - she wanted to go on a photo session 'RIGHT NOW'.  So funny :)  And that cute little matching headband (which Brielle insist on wearing every time we get into the car...did I mention that she's a little stubborn?) is the hand-made design of Melissa of Nuxiemade.  Remember the knit hats I use all the time?  This is the same maker and I'm thrilled to see these new accessories!!  She's brilliant!

Side Note:  I just converted from PC to Mac (woo hoo!!)  so bare with me on any bumps that may happen during this conversion.  I have yet to calibrate my monitor so you may be looking at pictures that are Purple - lol.  Hope not.  So even though I'm in sRGB colorspace I'm seeing that some of the images posted on these designers sites look like they are in Adobe RGB (but they aren't) weird hu? Anyway this change is challenging at times - it's fun, it's scary, it's new and I'm trying my hardest to dive in head first.  I also got myself a handy dandy little tablet to edit with so that too is 'change' and adds the many emotions mentioned ;-)  Change is good though right?  Thanks for stopping by!!