{Designer Spotlight: Miss Priss Tutu's!}

This blog post is a bit overdue.  I photographed some gorgeous tutu's for Miss Priss Tutu's a little over a month ago and alas, I'm just now posting them on my blog.  When these were delivered and we opened the box, Briella's eyes got so big and as she squealed, "It's a princess in a box!  It's three princesses in a box!"  She loved dancing around in these beautiful tutu's during our session. We found an abandoned home up high on a hill - I loved the stone steps and the rock around the place.  Oh and we also found a cool abandoned light green school bus to photograph the second tutu - it was 114 when we took these so we were quick, kept the car on with the air conditioner blasting.  :)

  The first tutu is called the 'Long Tutu' - I love it, you can choose any color combination you want with these!  The second is called the  'Double Tutu', so fluffy and girly.  And the third is called the 'Halloween Tutu' - very fitting with the black, orange and purple.  Check out  her many other designs at www.missprisstutus.com.