{Still Alive - just surrounded by moving boxes}

Okay so it's not that bad...the boxes are starting to get unpacked and our house is starting to look more like a house.  For those who don't know, we just moved from Gold Canyon, AZ  (where we were temporarily while our house was being built) to Mesa!  I feel like this last 6 months have been so crazy with all of our moves.  I'm hoping for some normalcy now ;-)  And time for editing, posting and clients.  I haven't officially opened for business yet due to our moves, but I'm hoping by late fall or winter to start.  Thanks for your inquires - I'll post more soon.

Below are a couple pictures of Tyler and Brielle in front of our house in their  Pajamas  getting ready to head to an evening at Tyler's school of Bedtime Stories.  It's the coolest thing - the principal comes in his pj's and reads a story to the kids, then we can head to several classrooms throughout the school and listen to more bedtime stories.  At the end they serve milk and cookies and have a drawing where kids can win books.  Tyler won a book!!  It was such a fun night!!