{Timeless Black & White - Love them!}

I'm on a black & white kick these days {couldn't resist changing my blog banner AGAIN, I know - I'm ridiculously indecisive :) }. Maybe it's the cold weather, mist, fog, bare trees, and all the stillness that comes with the winter season that's drawing me to B&W images... who knows. Anyway, since it was too cold to go outside today, I took a couple photographs of Brielle indoors {I casually asked Tyler if I could get a few of him, but he politely said 'Not today mom'. So I didn't ask again}. But he told me during dinner that I can photograph him tomorrow - woo hoo! And since I've had to post-pone all my recent sessions because it's been so cold, I'm thrilled to be able to experiment, play and photograph my own children. I'm also working on a canvas wall display in our foyer, so I'm hoping to have more images to choose from with these quick moments that my kids are allowing me to snap away with my camera. Anyway, I miss photographing my clients but I'm thankful for these quick snippets of being able to photograph my kids, their life and who they are at this very moment. I'm sure you all will grow tired of seeing my children but there will be more variety to come...I promise!
Thank you for viewing my blog :)
Oh and I wanted to say hi to some photographers and aspiring photographers who've contacted me recently from London {Lone}, Canada {Katrina}, Germany {Niki}, and Ireland {Anne}. Thank you for your great e-mails - I love them!