{Cyclones & Pop Rocks...}

What could be more fun on a Saturday night?! (Don’t answer that…) Since the kids & Jeff are under the weather we had to forgo our ‘game night ‘with friends and stay in. So we had ‘Science 101’ with the cyclone maker that Santa put in Tyler’s stocking. The kids were in complete awe over our crazy experiment – giggling, jumping up and down and focusing intently on what was going to happen next. We experimented with food coloring, bubbles and even Cheerios in the cyclone –we got crazy! Next we all tried the taboo ‘Pop Rocks’ – carbon dioxide packed candy. The kids were laughing at the popping sounds that crackled from their mouths. I remember eating Pop Rocks as a kid (after they were reintroduced to the market in the mid 1980’s after it was banned due to a false rumor). Remember that urban legend? Eating pop rocks and drinking soda would cause your stomach to explode – crazy! And remember the Mikey Kid from the Life cereal commercial? It was rumored that he was one of the victims - so not true.... last I heard he’s still alive and is shooting commercials (behind the camera) for Skippy Peanut Butter & Jell-0. Anyway, my kids didn’t have any adverse reactions to the Pop Rocks {plus they don’t drink soda, so no worries there}. Wow, how much more exciting can a Saturday night be?! Okay, so our Friday night dance parties {aka RAVES} with the kids come pretty darn close – I know. ;-) Anyway, the kids had a blast – here are some snapshots from our night.