{Spin Cycle...}

I have been dying to photograph my kids in a Laundromat. I know it sounds strange, odd, weird...I get it. But it's been something that I've been dying to do since I moved here. Laundromats have such atmosphere - so vintage, grunge & now. Anyway, I asked Tyler if he wanted to do anything special for this mini-photo session and he excitedly said, "I want spiky hair - and a Mohawk!”. I was actually all for it- but only since this is a photo session (not an everyday, go out in public type of request). He was due for a haircut so his hair was actually a great length for this particular look. And Brielle, my feisty little one, was miss independent there. She didn't listen to me as I motioned her my way {surprise, surprise} and she proudly pushed her laundry cart all over the room as if she owned the place. I truly dread her teen years {shrug} ;-) Anyway, this was something fun, something different and something that was screaming for a vintage cross-processed look. Thanks for checking my blog out!

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