Cute Little Gnome?

or something parents want to 'accidently misplace'?
I want to preface this by saying: Grandma & Grandpa May - we have a love-hate relationship with the newest little member you introduced to our family. Even I have fun playing with this little guy. But as you experienced, there's times when you'd like to just toss it out the window {wink}. Most of the loud toys the kids have, we cover the speakers with packaging tape (something we learned from our good friends Josh & Jamie before we had kids). But with this little, soft, cute guy, we just can't do that.
Grandma & Grandpa May brought Tyler this fun little gnome pictured below during their recent visit. It really is fun for the person playing with it, but drives others in close proximity a little crazy after a while. You record your voice (about 12 seconds worth) and then it plays back to you in a little elf-like voice. Really fun! But after hearing this all day, (Tyler is truly addicted to playing with this little creature) you start going a bit insane.
Brielle loves it too, but since it's Tyler's - he only allows her one whole, huge, long, minute to play with this then it's his again for the next several hours. Anyway, the gnome has had to take it's share of time-outs (rests) in it's house (on top of the refrigerator), so mommy can get her wits back. We finally went to (where grandma got the little guy) and got one for Brielle too. Are we asking for it? Afraid so, but it's fun for the kids. And the few moments they let daddy and mommy have there turn with it.