Two Little Cuties!

I did it!! I posted this sneak peek before mid-night! I just couldn't decide which pictures to post. And I couldn't resist 'going vintage' on one of them... (hint: there's a truck in this particular image). :) These two kids were so great! Vance, who is 5 years old, showed me his cool dirt bike (or was it a motorcycle?). I'm going to have to post a picture of him on it in the next day or so. But before he showed me his cool bike and his two soccer balls, he was very willing to let me photograph him. He did so great and even helped his sister during her portion of the session. Little Olivia is Vance's younger sister and she is all girl! We dressed in petticoats, had a tea party and went on a nature walk. I feel so lucky to have this job. I get to play and photograph children and turn into a kid again while doing it! Here are a few images from tonight's session.