Website view it properly you may need to....

...clear your cache. If you have been to my website before and your computer is storing temporary internet files then you won't see the effects of my website design change and it may look like it always has but with some blue/grey on the sides - ugg. To view it you just have to do the following to CLEAR YOUR CACHE (which is good for everyone to do anyway). :)

For Safari (MAC) Users: Simply click on the safari button at the top of your screen and click on "Empty Cache" - there is unfortunately no setting in Safari that will do this for you automatically.
For Internet Explorer (PC) Users: Open up explorer, click on the "tools" button at the top of your screen then click on "internet options". In the second row down on the general tab you will first delete cookies and delete files - this will get rid of any previously stored pages. You will then click on Settings on that same row of buttons and you will select "every visit to the page" and click OK . This will ensure that all the edits you make on the site are instantly visible.
Thank you!! :)