{"Oh Mommy, those are such 'beautiful princesses' "}

So this morning I was awakened by a princess.  Yes that's right - a fairy princess to be exact.  We don't see too much of Briella these days but a princess suddenly took residence in our house and we never know if the princess is going to be a 'dancing princess', 'fairy princess' or some other princess.   And immediately  mommy is transformed into a princess the moment she gets up.  Brielle, or 'Princess Briella' (that's how she wants me to refer to her) gives me a crown, jewels and a wand the minute my feet touch the floor.  I'm 'mommy princess'.  And I've gone out to the store forgetting that I'm wearing a crown and all the accessories Briella dresses me in, wondering why I'm getting funny looks.  That's life with a little girl... and I wouldn't trade the funny stares in stores for anything. ;-) {of course boys are just as fun too}

Last week I photographed two gorgeous sisters - both 'beautiful princesses'  (that's how Brielle referred to them  when she saw their pictures as I was editing).  Upon meeting them they popped out of their SUV wearing the cutest sunglasses looking ready for the camera.  I loved it and I loved their excited and happy personalities.   And they're gorgeous to top it off!   Again, another session I just didn't want to end.  Here's a little look inside our session.

A little play with my 'haze of yesterday' look. 

Another edit with 'haze of yesterday'.