{'Why can't I have a brother?'}

Oh what a fun and busy time of the year!  This is my absolute favorite time of the year - have I mentioned that before {wink}?  I just love the anticipation before Halloween and then the upcoming holidays and festivities that go along with Fall and early Winter.  Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time.  I love pumpkin patches as much as my kids do, I love running through hay and corn mazes with my kids giggling the whole way, I love baking breads (eggnog and pumpkin bread are my favorites to make), and I love the smell in the air and the changing colors of the leaves.  I just wish we lived closer to a pumpkin patch - it would be so fun to do a session there (and of course buy several pumpkins).  Maybe someday....but for now I'll take advantage of local areas.   Now who are these adorable kids pictured below?!  They are some of my favorite kids!  I met them over a year ago and every time I see them (which isn't that often since our kids go to different schools) I just want to bring them home with me.  My kids love them too.  Tyler said he wished Thomas was his brother - then he followed that statement with 'Why can't I have a brother, can you and daddy give me a brother?'  Jeff and I just looked at each other wide eyed and tried to explain that God gave him a little sister.  I don't know how comforted he was hearing that but he seemed to be content with our answer.  Kids are so funny...  Anyway, I was so excited to photograph these cuties again.  Here's  a little peek into our session.

Above 'Kara Colour', below 'Faded Yesterday' slightly tweaked. All the rest below edited in 'Kara Colour'. :)