{What ________ looks like} iPhone pictures of life and travels

So this past month has been crazy with travel.  It's been amazing to see several big cities and soak them up.  I opted against carrying my heavy, big camera and decided my iPhone would provide me with some of the memories I needed to keep. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen some of these.  If you're on Instagram, I post a lot more pics - my name is @karaphotogirl.  I don't have many photos San Francisco  :(  so I'll start with our trip to NYC with the kids.  This was the kids first time to New York and they were so beyond excited to explore and see how big and fun this city really is.

When we got home, the first thing I did (after unpacking) was to get back to baking.  I love baking and my kids missed home baked bread.  And life was back to normal for a bit until Jeff and I headed out to Chicago…just the two of us.

Below capture some of the things we did and saw in Chicago.

So cold, but sunny… so I was happy to have my jacket with thumbholes and wrap over mittens type dealeos.

Above…the last picture I took in a suburb of Chicago.  Isn't that house so cozy looking?  I had to snap a photo of it.

We got home at midnight and the first thing Brielle showed me was how she learned to sew.  Love her enthusiasm for learning.

Life resumes at home…until our next trip. 

Thanks for looking at my iPhone photos during this months addition of What ___ looks like.  Please continue onto the circle by clicking through the links.  Next is up is Suzanne Gipson Photography.