{What_______ looks like} turning 8

It's that time again!  I know, I wasn't able to participate last month and I hate that.  Things have been crazy this summer with traveling, the house remodel and the kids being back from their trip.  When they got home from being on their adventurous road trip with Grandma & Grandpa May I wanted to soak in every moment with them that I could and that meant pushing personal projects aside (boo!).  But I'm back!  This month, on the first of August, my baby girl turned 8 years old!  Yes, 8!  The picture above was Brielle when she was 6 months old.  She was born with thick black hair.  Very different from my blonde little boy.  But soon light brown hair sprouted and her tips were black from birth.  Still trips me out.  Ha!  Brielle couldn't believe she was turning 8 either and was beyond excited for the day to begin so we could celebrate and tell stories of her birth and her as a baby.  I loved every minute of her excitement!   We started the day with a fluffy pancake breakfast, in the afternoon Jeff surprised Brielle by coming home by noon then we were off to play to at Dave & Busters for some games and prizes.  That night Brielle requested a home cooked meal.  What did she want?  She wanted a blue cheese iceberg wedge, steamed broccoli and a juicy prime cut steak (Jeff cooks the best steak), too bad I'm not a red meat eater.  But she devoured it!  For dessert she wanted a Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting and ice cream.  She was in heaven ;-)

Oh and I had to capture my baby the day she turned 8 so when Jeff got home we quickly snapped a few photos before we went off to play.

The next day Grandma Rasmussen flew in to be with Brielle to celebrate her birthday!  She was beyond excited!  And when Grandma is in town in the summer, swimming in the pool is top priority.  We don't want Grandma to go home but we're thankful she was able to spend this time with us and the kiddos.

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