New Lens 70-200 Canon L IS f 2.8

Brielle was in awe over a little tiny bug she saw in the grass (mom, it wasn't a snake - don't worry). I like the mood of this photo, the pink, the wonder and dim evening light.

I just had to do a mini-photo session with Brielle now that I have my new lens. Tyler wasn't too into it so he was off playing. Here I've antiqued the picture in CS3.

This picture of Tyler and Brielle playing in their lemonade stand was the first picture I took after putting this lens on. It's not the best, but I thought it was a sweet moment between the two.
I was standing inside the house - about 9 ft. away when I took this picture of the flower pot on our screen porch. I was amazed by the depth of field - f 2.8 in this picture with dim evening natural light.