{Something's different about him....}

My little man looks a little different these days.   Something has changed...and he can see better in class as a result.  Yes, Tyler got glasses!  He was having trouble seeing the smart board (I keep calling it a chalk board but I'm quickly corrected) from the back of the class, so it was time to take him in for a 'real' eye exam.  It took a long time and Ty was pretty nervous.  I was by his side the whole time watching him struggle to read the letters on the wall from a distance.  I couldn't believe what he couldn't see.  But in the end his vision really wasn't that bad.  He only needs the glasses for distance and his vision is 20/30 and 20/40 so it's pretty minor.  But the new glasses...they're kind of a big deal to my little guy.  He was nervous but excited about this new addition to his face.  :)   He's very careful too, reminding me how to properly care for the glasses (guess I'm not as careful with them as I should be).  Anyway, this 'new look' called for a photo session, so we did just that - then the rain interrupted and we ran for the car.  So this was what we were quickly able to capture.