Sunday Photo Fun!

While the boys were out working in the yard, I decided to have a little photo session with Brielle before I started processing orders and getting information packets ready for mailing. I found this really cool black distressed 'cottage chair' at a local antique shop and had to see how it would be for pics (although from the pics I posted below, you can't really see the chair). Anyway, I was in too much of a hurry to take B to an outdoor location for a shoot so we just did a few in the house.
I let her choose what tutu she wanted to wear, and she choose the red petticoat. She sat very sweetly in the chair but then suddenly decided that she wanted to strip off everything and put on her Dora underwear - which she readily found in her armoire (how does she know where I've put them?). Now it looks like we're potty training today since she won't put on a diaper. So far so good... but we'll see what the day holds :)
Anyway, I was playing around with one of the images and vintagized it (like that word?).
Okay, now I've got to get back to my very long to-do list. :)