{Announcing a Beginner Photography Workshop!}

I'm thrilled to announce a new workshop I will be teaching in late October.  The talented Stephanie Moore and I will be teaching a workshop for beginners called 'Bloom Basics'.  This workshop is aimed at teaching the basics of photography and how to confidently shoot in manual mode while achieving the end result you desired in your final image.  We'll walk you through all the technical aspects of shooting in manual mode, include video demonstrations, details on uploading and editing your image, and so much more.  Our workshop is for those who want to take better photos and understand how to properly operate all aspect of your DSLR camera and/or  those who want to eventually have their own photography business.   Please read the details below and well as the Q&A at the bottom.  I'm so excited to meet you all.  NOTE:  Seats are limited and sign-ups begin in NOW.  E-mail Stephanie at stephanie@stephaniemoorestudios.com to reserve your seat today. Thanks!!