{Project 26- 'it's a good day for a picnic'}

This weeks project was so fun to work on.  My kids just left on an exciting road trip for 4 weeks (that's right, it's not a typo - 4 weeks).  Yeah, my heart hurts.  I had a hard time agreeing to the trip since it's so long away.  But finally I gave in...sad as that made me.  But I'm trying to think of the fun they'll have and the memories they're making.  I just can't wait to have them in my arms again.  Anyway, we squeezed this shoot in just before they left.  They had a ball doing this.  We were getting chased by bees (um, lots and lots of them) and the ants were loving us...we didn't reciprocate the love.  So we worked quickly on this shoot an the kids helped with ideas and set up  every step of the way.  There are so many more pictures to go through but I'm already late in getting this post up so I'll start with these dozen and maybe add more later.  Don't forget to go around the circle (we're all late in posting so some links might now work right away) and check out what some of the other talented ladies in our group posted today.  Jessica Drossin always posts beautiful eye candy.