{Project 26 - 'Takes My Breath Away'}

It's that time again!  We all took a little break this past week so I apologize for the lack of posting.  But we're back and excited about this weeks theme as well as some new, very talented photogs we've added to the group.   Check the circle and you'll see - oh and one more new photog will be joining us starting next week.  I love these girls and I'm excited to see their vision with this project also!

So this weeks theme had my brain spinning 'takes my breath away'.  That could be SO MANY things!  So much these days takes my breath away, some good and some bad.  I was trying to figure out what truly makes me gasp, what makes my jaw drop and what leaves me breathless.  Is it a beautiful sunset?  This week we haven't had the typical beautiful sunsets so that was out.   Is it buying a new house?  Um too stressful to talk  about - its definitely leaving me needing to take lots of deep breathes ha.  Is it when my kids give me kisses and tell me sweet stories before bed? Always, but I couldn't put that into a picture this week.  Is it a sweet note from one of my children?  Yes - I love sweet notes.  But this week I found a home that had tragically been abandoned due to a fire.   THAT took my breath away. A little strange, right?  Not something that would typically cause most to gasp.  I know.   I shouldn't have gone into the home but I couldn't turn away.  I was in awe the entire time as I carefully tip-toed through the remains of this once, beautiful home.  It was sad and eerie walking through each room of the house seeing children's books, stuffed animals, clothes, cards, notes, books, and even homework (times tables) strewn about.  I wonder what happened?  Is this family okay today?  Why were these things left behind?  Where do they live now? I was sad for them - their beautiful home was completely destroyed.  :(  I didn't touch anything.  There was a card from a child to his Grandfather on the ground surrounded in shattered glass, but I didn't open it - I kind of wished I had.  It just seemed too personal and I was already in a home I wasn't invited into so I left everything undisrupted.  It was a rainy day so the picture  below was taken inside my car looking out of my windshield toward the abandoned house.  Once I was inside I saw through one of the broken windows a playhouse in the backyard, a little tattered but it still had a sparkle of wonder.  I'm sure it was the place of many magical memories to the children who once played in there.   There was also a large pool with a built in table and seating area in the pool and a spa that was covered with boards.  It was empty except for rain water and dirt, it was faded and worn.  Again, I was sad for the family that once enjoyed happy times there.  I could've spent hours exploring, but the rain was coming down hard and the thunder rattled the house spooking me a bit.

I also added one more thing that took my breath away this past couple of weeks.  We're planning on moving soon to a neighboring city, so not too far.  But one of Brielle's classmates is feeling the pain of our move already.  The last image below is his note to Brielle.  It melts me.

Anyway, these are the things that 'took my breath away' this week.  Continue through the circle and see what Martha Schuster's  - I see the Moon Photography  posted this week.  Yes, she's new to the group!  *squeal*

One last thing that took my breath away this week.  A love note from a boy in Brielle's class.  I covered his name just in case you're wondering why there's  white space.