{Shop Talk - Lens Distortion & Fun Accessories for your camera}

Let's talk Lens Distortion.  Lens distortion can be an artistic blessing or an annoying curse, right?  Lens distortion happens a lot with cameras that have zoom capabilities. It's most apparent when there's a straight edge in the image near the edge of the frame. This distorts the image.  But there is an easy fix in Photoshop!!  If you go to 'Filter' - 'Distort' - 'Lens Correction' you can alter the annoying warping that takes place in some of your images.  It's most apparent in architectural images and in the lines of buildings and doorways.   More detailed steps are shown below.  Easy, right?

Now let's chat about camera accessories - specifically, camera straps!  Who doesn't love a fashionable and fun camera strap that's comfortable too?  There are so many cute ones out there.  I have one I love that's no longer sold :(  Here's some of my favorites currently available on Etsy:

I love this and want this to be my next camera strap.  I think it would be a great conversation piece too! It's made by Rosebud Lips.  I LOVE IT!!

These are unique, fun ones that I really like too. Love the crime scene strap - how creative!  And below that is a wrist strap with a masculine style that works for men and woman.  The sculls are so cute too!  These 3 are made by PhatStraps

Chevron patterns are so in right now.  Aren't these cute?  They're made by  A Diva and 3 Dudes Design:

I love fun photography accessories so I'm going to be incorporating these into my Shop Talk Series.   Thanks for all your e-mails. I'm sifting through them and getting the most common asked questions addressed first.  Keep the e-mails coming:  Kara@karamayphotography.com  Thanks!!