{Is Halloween Really Over?}

I don't want Halloween to be over :(  Tyler woke up the morning after Halloween and said sadly 'I wish Halloween would never end.  I'm sad it's over.'  I told him I was too.  But assured him that there are so many fun holiday's coming up and next Halloween will be here before we know it.   He wasn't very convinced.  Tyler had a Halloween Birthday party even though his Birthday is November 8th.  He loved the celebration with 18 kids (nutty - but fun).  And we had a 'grown-up Halloween party' of our own last weekend.  Yes, we're just big kids :)  Jeff went as 'Where's Waldo' and I  was a  ladybug.  My peacock costume didn't turn out so a last minute change to a ladybug was in order :) And on Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with neighbors and then hung out by the fire in our driveway recapping the evenings fun events.  Such a wonderful time of year.  Here's  little snippet of our Halloween celebrations.


Party Kids!  Tyler's 9th Birthday celebration!


Test:  Can you find Waldo in the pictures below.  He blends in well so don't feel bad if you can't spot him.