{little boy, puppy kisses, and vintage airplanes}

Isn't this little guy adorable?!  And his dogs?!   I loved capturing a boy and his dogs !  I was excited for the challenge since I knew a 2 year old and two dogs might be tough to capture.  But when I met Greyson and saw what a relaxed, easy going , happy-go-lucky, little 2 year old he was - I was even more excited to capture a few images with him and his dogs.  We saved the pups for the end of the session and it worked out perfectly.

And look at his personality - so genuine, unexpected and charming for a 2 year old.   I loved stepping back and just seeing what he'd give me.   Such a treat to capture.   I was able to get a few with him and his mom too.  Don't they look alike?  The weather was perfect, well except the heat.  There was some cloud cover that created a natural diffuser. Rare to get that in sun-all-the-time AZ.  And we lucked out with no rain.  Now we just need the weather to cool off so we're not dripping sweat during sessions. I love the clothing Greyson's mom brought to the session.  It was perfect with the props I brought.  I bring a variety of props in the event some work with the outfits and some don't.  I want to play it safe and have choices.  ;-)

Hope you enjoy  this little  peek at our session.  :)