{beautiful chidren and momma - client session}

I was so excited to photograph my friend Kathy and her 3 beautiful children!  Pretty soon I'm going to be saying '4 beautiful children' - I can't wait!!  Kathy and her husband, Jeremy, are friends of ours and we love them dearly.  We can NOT wait to meet this fourth little one - I think I'm more anxious to know if it's a boy or a girl than they are ;-)  Kathy & Jeremy's room made the perfect setting for these relaxed, 'together' filled photos.  We'll have to get Jeremy in a few soon since he wasn't able to be there for this session.  Doesn't their bed look so comfy and pretty?  The kids just sank in all the pillows - it was fun to capture their spontaneity.  For my set-up - I could have used another light on the left side of the room but I opted for natural light for the entire session.  A reflector would've gotten in the way in the background so this is just good ole' fashion natural light no modifiers.  I like how the light created shadows on their faces, sets the mood :)  Here's bits of our session!