{dancing, digging and running from buzzing lil' bugs}

It was a hot & humid Southern evening when I photographed these cute little blonde haired, blue eyed siblings. The gnats and maquitos tagged along throughout the session, but thankfully the kids were troopers and weren't bothered too much by all the little buzzing bugs.  One little gnat flew right into little Jacqueline's eye and she patiently held still while I carefully got it out, then she was right back to playing and dancing like a ballerina.   Yes, Jacqueline is very girly (I just love that) and once she got on the fluffy tutus and petticoats I brought, she was off dancing and prancing around showing me her cute and very graceful ballet moves.  Below is one of the several photos of her entranced in dance.  I love this age, when a child just gets wrapped up in a world of imagination and their feelings are released through play and acting out those feelings - Jacqueline's reflected dance.  And her brother James, he just in awe by the trucks and tractors that were around.  He was on the move and determined to explore all things 'boy'.  It was fun seeing what he wanted to search for next.  Here's a little peak at our session. :)