{Rock the Shot Interview}

So many fun things are happening lately.  Lots in store :)  Recently Karlen, from Rock The Shot, asked me to be the featured photographer on their blog. Have you seen their blog?  Their forum?  Check it out.  It's jam packed with so much photography goodness. It's a very cool site!  Thanks Karlen for the fun interview!

Hope you all had a relaxing and fun Labor Day weekend.  Since it's still ridiculously hot here, Labor Day couldn't be celebrated without being by a pool or in a lake.  Our friends had a swim party at their house and the kids were in the pool 80% of the time while the adults sought shade, water and libations.  It was a great  day with friends, kids and fun!  Here's a little snippet of our day :)

Partial body shot of Ty since he was jumping on the trampoline and I didn't want to make him stop for a pic lol.  I like the artsy feel of it though - it works ;o)

Brielle playing a balancing game on a friend's shoulders while he turns super fast.  Brielle stayed standing - awesome!

Playing in the sandbox, swimming and hanging out with friends.

Claire & Brooke playing dress up :)