{Gooseberry Lane Originals} commercial photography


Eek!! Temperatures are spiking out of control in Arizona :( and I'm not too happy about it.  For those of you on FB you may have heard my griping yesterday.  I can't help it.  I'm usually a very positive person but this has pushed me too far lol.  High temps 110- 115 mixed with any amount of humidity is a recipe for disaster here in Arizona and the humidity is between 30%-60%.  That doesn't seem very humid does it?  When I lived in South Carolina the humidity was 90%+  (not fun) but the temps were in the 90's not the 110+'s.  So I feel like I'm in an oven here and I'm just waiting for this pain to stop.  The kids' recess at school has been canceled this week because of the heat advisory.   It's just not fun.  The dog has to be coaxed into going outside to go potty it's even too hot for him.  But I know, it could be worse.  I've heard from my Texas friends and friends in Southern states that they are suffering too.  So at least there's company in the misery :)

Not too long ago I photographed some adorable dresses for Gooseberry Lane Originals.  Have you heard of of this cute Boutique?  They have beautiful handmade designs - since it's handmade by the owner and designer, turn-around my be a short few weeks but it's worth the wait.  Mandy, the designer/owner of Gooseberry Lane Origninals lives in Ohio with her husband, and two children.  She started  her Business in 2010 but has been sewing for customers for years prior to the opening of her boutique.  I had so much fun brainstorming this session.  I wanted it to be unique, fun, girly and interactive.  So I came up with the idea one night while trying to fall asleep and in one day build the 'Fruit Stand' while my husband was out of town {sleepless nights can be productive when he's gone :) }.  The temperatures were HOT when we shot this session, so we had to pat the girls sweat down every few minutes.  They didn't seem bothered thankfully but you can tell by their flushed cheeks that it was a warm day.  I was so happy how it all turned out :)

Gooseberry Lane Originals can also be found on Facebook.