{Fanciful Frames!}

Aren't these frames beautiful!?!  I love them.  My good friend Haleigh and her husband Dane just started a really cool new framing business called Fanciful Frames.   When she first told me about it I knew that it would be a success!  Her husband has mad wood working skills and Haleigh has a great eye for color and design.  The mixture...awesomeness!!  I plan on using her frames on at least one of my walls and making it a fun funky frame wall.  I'm so excited!  I'll definitely post pictures when I do that.  But I wanted to share some of her frames with  you now - so many shapes, sizes and colors.  And her pricing is very reasonable - which is a big plus when you're trying to frame  a whole wall ;o)  Their website is here and their business is on Facebook here.  They are both the nicest people so if you have any questions about sizing or colors, they're happy to help.  :)