{Puppy Party! August's 1st Birthday!}

But first...do you see something different about my blog?  Think....think.... it's been updated with my new logo and  branding!!!  I'm so excited about it!  I have to work on my actual website now!   I've ordered updated packaging labels & accessories for my clients.  It was time...I've had the same logo and blog design for over 3 years.  Now it's more me! Yay!!  Okay, onto August's day :)

It's true.  We couldn't resist having a party to celebrate the birth of little August {yes, he was born in late May, but life was crazy in late May - so we made time in June.  He's a dog, he doesn't know the difference}.    The kids were giddy planning his party.  It was small since we didn't want to overwhelm August , so he had two of his favorite playmates over and we kept it small and intimate. And really  it was an excuse to have some friends over, let the kids play with the dogs and have a 'celebration' that they could help orchestrate with games and all.  Next year we'll have more kids over to help celebrate :)   We had one party pup that loves the water.  She jumped right into the pool upon arriving - didn't even take the time to remove her beautiful flower necklace or party hat.  It was a hoot!!  The kids played fetch with her in the water and she was in heaven while the other two dogs ran around the pool wishing they weren't afraid of the water.  ;o)  By the end of the night the dogs were exhausted and confusion set in when August saw his friends leave.  I think he got a little depressed.  So he turned to the comforts of his gifts after a good nights sleep (see the last image).  Intervention?  I think it's just a phase (fingers crossed).

Happy Birthday August - we love you!! xoxo

August still in party mode the next morning with some of his presents.  He's such a lush.  ;o)